Ambassador Program

Introducing our growing network of Everyday Role Models ranging from advocates, educators, industry experts, and enthusiasts, all as passionate about living their best self as we are.

Using their positive influence and passion, they share the Whimsigirl message in their communities and dish out content that is both relatable and relevant.

They’re here to answer questions, share advices, and inspire us along the way.


Supporting one other by sharing relatable stories, creating a positive ripple effects and impacting the broader community.


Helping you amplify your self-worth by believing that every woman has the right to have their voice heard and make their own choices in life.


Paving to a brighter future by Creating personal and professional opportunities for all the women in progress.


We believe every woman is unique and powerful in her own right. We are our greatest strength and we will support each other to achieve our rewards and power we need to make decisions to solve problems and improve our delivery and performance.

Roshinee Mookiah,

Political Advocate

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Sarah Rostam,

Literature & History Educator

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Nora Sheila,


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Lalitha Wemel,

Regional Director at Techstars

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