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How to Make Onde-Onde (Easy)

Onde-onde is a traditional kuih in Malaysia. It is popular in most Asian countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. They might have different names in other countries. Onde-onde is...

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Aishah Mokhtar

I think what I like about the program is the realness of it. And I think that is very important, especially nowadays, and especially being like in the journey of...

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Siu Lim

It would be evolve. In order to evolve you will have to continue learning, continue thriving and once you do that, inspiration and empowerment will follow through.  I would say...

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Rebecca Jo Rushdy

The shared mission to empower, rise up and learn together with compassion and kindness. Diversity can only make us stronger. I’ve had a tumultuous relationship with my mother growing up...

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Atiqah Zulme

BE YOUR SELF by doing Self-love.  This are the value make me accept it and I was honoured to be part of this programme. I will lead myself to be...

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Sarah Rostam

  Whimsigirl have been the embodiment of what we mean by empowerment and what we mean by evolving. You guys, give us the tools to empower ourselves as in the...

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Nora Sheila

The value that I resonate with is evolve, I really love the idea of being more open to growth and positive change.  To me, moving forward, is the only way...

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Roshinee Mookaiah

I personally resonate most with the word empower because both in personal and professional capacity, my mission is to empower more young people, especially more young minority women to be...

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Att Yusof

      You are very inclusive, you appreciate local talent. Its refreshing. We are undermining local talents, but you don’t, you appreciate creative people.  My mom; she goes through...

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Lalitha Wemel

To be honest, all three of the Whimsigirl's Ambassador Program's core values resonate with me– to inspire, to empower and to evolve. When whimsigirl girl came to me with this...

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Being the authentic you

When we think of branding, we immediately associate it to the first brand that’s on the top of our minds. For me, an example of this is Google. What does...

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