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Postcard from Singapore

Hello from the other side (literally). Singapore has long been known as a business hub. However over the past decade, it has emerged as a popular tourist destination. Golden sands,...

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Finding Me-Time as a Mama

We know now that self-care is essential to help us become the best mama we can for our kids... because happy mama, happy kids, right? But HOW do we actually...

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4 Looks on 3 Body Shapes

A collection that's carefully considered and made to last. Styled by three Everyday Girls with different body shapes.    View this post on Instagram A post shared by WHIMSIGIRL (@whimsigirldsgn)...

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How to Make Onde-Onde (Easy)

Onde-onde is a traditional kuih in Malaysia. It is popular in most Asian countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. They might have different names in other countries. Onde-onde is...

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